About Us & Our Services

KVV Webdesign is based out of Gent, Belgium with a nine-person strong web development team. We work exclusively to provide web development services for online gaming companies.

At KVV Webdesign, we specialize in meeting the needs of major online gaming companies like Bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet, and others. We look forward to working on the design for your new online gambling website.


Our Website Design Philosophy


 Responsive Web Design

Flexible layouts work better than fixed layouts. A flexible layout allows the proper display of web pages on any type of device.

We use viewport design to make sure the content adjusts appropriately for display on any device.

Ease of Use on Mobile Devices

The ease of use for web pages on mobile devices comes from using simpler designs of web content that are more fluid.

Five basic styles of websites designed for mobile users:

  1. Fluid – Grids that are fluid adapt to screens of all sizes.
  2. Column – Using more than one column stacked on top of each other, allows for display on screens of smaller sizes.
  3. Shifting – We make a different layout for large, medium, and small screens.
  4. Tweaks – Using a single column, this style requires only the adjustments of text size and images for display on smaller screens.
  5. Canvas – This design has some of the content and the navigation off-screen. The user accesses this hidden content or navigation, by taking some action to view it.
Engagement of Users

Engagement of users is critical for a well-functioning gambling website. Free play, reward money, sign-up bonuses, frequency bonuses, and more, help maintain the interest of website visitors. Monitoring of website usage shows how long a visitor stayed on the website and what they did.

Cookies help track the users’ behaviours, even if they did not register or sign in. If the user does log on to their account, the cookies give more information about a specific user. For example, if in the past they liked to play a certain online slot game, bonuses and free play offers for that game entice them to play more.


We use secured socket layer (SSL) software for encryption. We make sure that all web pages are encrypted “https” style instead of “http” style without encryption. We make sure all the content that loads does this as secure content. We do not mix insecure content with web pages that are secure.


A gambling website that does not make money is useless. That is a given. Nevertheless, there are many things to do that improve the monetization of a website to extract the most revenues possible from the visitors.

Website heat maps help determine what part of each web page is most attractive to the visitors, how often they click on a certain item, and how long they stay on a web page.

We run A/B tests for website efficiency that show a comparison of one web page layout with another web page layout. Using these performance metrics allows us to fine tune a website’s revenue producing capabilities and make the most money for our clients. Monetization efforts also include advertising revenues and selling things were appropriate.

Search Engine Optimization

Enhancement of the financial performance of a website comes from using advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We make sure the major search engines can find the website and index the web pages for important keywords.

It is important for an online casino to have a high ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We fine-tune the website and all the web pages to make them more appealing for the robot trackers from the search engines.

We upgrade the SEO efforts based on changes that happen in the major search engines that affect the SERP. We take a proactive stance in maintaining high rankings on the SERP for our clients’ websites, using “white hat” SEO methods that major search engines recognize.

One of the white hat methods is to create quality content, such as “how to” guides as well as articles about online gambling and use these to attract web visitors.

Retention of Users

The cost of customer acquisition is typically a significant expense for online gambling sites. Once a customer engages with a website, the effort to retain the customer is less expensive.

To operate efficiently, focused efforts on retaining valuable customers are very important. One way we achieve this for our clients is to deliver exciting new gambling content on regular basis. We use reward programs with offers emailed to members. This makes the VIP members feel special, because they are members in an exclusive club.

Cloud Hosting versus Dedicated Servers

At KVV Webdesign, we consult with our clients to help them decide whether to host their website using dedicated servers or whether to host the website using cloud-hosting servers.

Sometimes the best solution is to use both. For example, hosting the main website on dedicated servers can combine with having real-time ghost copies of the website operating in the cloud. The goal of this operating standard is to achieve security against downtime and website failures.

The ability to switch between the main website and an exact duplicate copy of the website operating in real-time reduces the chances of revenue loss. If the cloud-hosting providers are physically in different locations, this redundancy protects against regional troubles from natural disasters or power failures.

Cloud hosting allows traffic filtering to block IP addresses. This may be needed for security purposes or legal gambling license restrictions. With cloud hosting services, load balancing happens in real-time. This means automatic scalability is possible. This is very useful for high demand peaks, such as the heavy betting that occurs right before the beginning of a sports competition that is popular.

Strategic Marketing

Besides building robust websites that operate smoothly and efficiently, we assist clients with strategic marketing efforts to create web traffic to their websites. We consult with clients to determine what marketing efforts are the most effective across all media platforms used by the company. We set up market tests to determine the most effective paid advertising campaigns.

Legal Issues

At KVV Webdesign, we are familiar with the legal compliance issues required for the operation of an online gambling website in many jurisdictions.


For those considering a new online gambling website or those needing an upgrade to an existing gambling website, contact us for a proposal and a quote. We look forward to working with you.