Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten

Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten is a company based in the Netherlands that we have completed various projects for in the past, and we continue to support to this day. Not only did we develop their website from scratch a few years ago, but we have also run multiple SEO and conversion optimization campaigns in order to continually improve their results. The number of visitors on Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten’s website grew by a total of 345%, 83% on the first campaign (six months), 86% on the second campaign (six months) and another 176% during the third campaign (twelve months).

The exact improvements in conversion rates on Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten’s website would be too much information to include in this portfolio since we ran over 100 tests! However, we managed to increase the average time spent on the site by 35%, lowered the bounce rate by a massive 31%, and increased the average number of pages visited from 12,4 to 19,6. As well as that, Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten saw their turnover rise by 37% in just one and a half years.

The company

Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten is an online casino provider that provides some unique advantages when compared to other online gambling companies. The company already has a lot of experience in the industry and has a deep understanding of the challenges that online casino players face. They have done their best to work to alleviate as many of these challenges as they can, dramatically improving the experience that players have on their website.
Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten offers its visitors the opportunity to play slots for free before signing up and playing for real cash. The company only accepts slot providers that offer players the possibility to play with test credits, to ensure they get the opportunity to practice without risking their own money. It is often the case that players have to spend a fair bit of change in order to learn how a slot machine works. Although this is easy money for both the online casino and the game provider, it is not really fair to the player. Gokken Op Gratis Gokkasten actively works to relieve players of this often unnoticed issue with online slot machines, by providing the opportunity to play for free, and making it clear this option is available to all players, whether they’re new to the game or just want to improve their skills.

Along with this huge advantage, Gokken Op Gokkasten also offers players fantastic customer service, fast deposits and withdrawals, a very-easy-to-use UI, and a vast selection of games. Live games are also available, and they even offer various lotteries too. If you are interested in trying some slot machines for free, you can click here for more information and in Dutch they would say, speel heel gratis online gokkasten.

With many advantages and superb service, Gokken Op Gokkasten is the perfect website for online gambling enthusiasts. They are extremely client-focused, pulling out all the stops in order to make your experience on their website as good as it can possibly be.

Free slot machines

Free versions of slot machines exist in order to give the player the opportunity to give a game a try without having to risk their own money. Aside from making it possible for them to understand the game and prevent them from wasting money unnecessarily, it also allows for players to check the odds of winning first-hand. It is all well and good to read that a game pays out 94%, but only by playing it will you truly experience what these odds mean for you. It can differ a lot between one game to another, since some payout many small prizes, while others take a lot longer for you to win on, but when you do, you win a larger amount.