Jackpot & Jill – The Saga

Based on the children’s nursery rhyme “Jack & Jill”, the Jackpot & Jill – The Saga online slot machine was a slot machine we developed together with a partner company. We completed the complete front-end and worked with a research institution to thoroughly test the interface and animations.
The game’s performance was extraordinary, and it is one of those projects that we will never forget. It’s not every day that you get to partner with the larger companies in online game development and actually improve the game to the extent we did.

The average playtime during trials had risen from one minute twenty to two minutes thirty-three, and the average spend per player had gone up from $9,80 to $13,80, a massive 71%!

The game

The game was based on the popular children’s nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill. It is a 3D online slot machine in which you try to get Jack and Jill up the hill, will their bucket of water, and then try to get them down the hill without falling and tumbling to the bottom. Every time you win you move forward a certain amount, however, if you get the penalty symbols, you can lose points and eventually fall back down the hill and have to start over. There are many small prizes to be won on your journey, and the bonus level you unlock when you reach the top of the hill makes it possible for you to win big. If you get lucky on this bonus level, you can even unlock a shortcut to the bottom of the hill!

If you manage to reach the bottom of the hill with a full bucket of water, you win the jackpot which is a massive $10.000!
The game comes with five reels and a huge number of winning combinations and rows. It’s the traditional aspect of the game paired with a classic children’s song which makes the game so entertaining. Players benefit from the possibility to win a large jackpot as well as plenty of smaller prizes that keep things interesting.


The development of this game came with many challenges, some of which were design-based while others were very much technology-oriented. As with all 3Danimations, they are not only quite complicated to create but also get expensive very quickly. Although online slots can be played for a good few years, it’s still something to consider as, in most cases, the game developers only receive a small commission from each spin.

With careful planning and a big push on getting the development done within the deadline, we managed to keep the costs as low as possible while still making the game extremely entertaining. We helped to get the game into various online casinos for the launch too, which ultimately helped to propel the game onto the “most popular” list of most of the casinos it was made available in.