Everyone loves high jackpots, and that’s exactly what MegaJackCasinoLand uses to attract visitors. The communication between various servers made this an extremely challenging project as they were experience problems with DDos attacks as well as slow website speeds. The amount of data flowing between the servers and the end-users was enormous, and setting up the hosting, ensuring a secure website, and keeping the speed reasonable was a big ask.

In a matter of weeks, we had improved their firewall in order to block suspicious requests and reduced the server load by more than 30%. After this, we got to work on further improving the speed, using various CDN’s, improving both client-side and server-side caching, and manually going through the code to make the website as light as possible. Once we were done, it was the top-performing website among its peers in the search engine results pages, increasing search engine traffic by 6% as well as a host of other important metrics like bounce rate, dwell time and click through rates.

The company

MegaJackCasinoLand is an online gambling website with a huge selection of casino games available. Not only does the website host an extremely impressive selection of games, but they have also been expanding rapidly over the past two years. They first started their expansion to Europe by making their website available to players in the UK. Since that day two years ago, their website has been translated into Dutch, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and various other European languages. Due to the website already being translated into Spanish and Portuguese, it was not long before South America became a target country.

Due to the vast expansion, you would think that customer service and other language-specific functionalities would be lacking. However, the opposite is the case! They have been able to scale in such a way that their customer service has been rolled out in all major languages. Although not all of the smaller languages have been covered, their customer service does operate in the six most-spoken languages, namely English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese. As of the time of writing this, they are already working on Dutch and Polish customer services too.

Further expansion

MegaJackCasinoLand is now also looking to expand into various Asian countries as well as Australia. They hope that this will further help to expand their reach and turn their platform into a worldwide hub for online gambling.

Here at KVV Webdesign, we hope to be with them at every step of the way. Although we do not currently offer globalization services, this is certainly something we are looking to start offering to be able to further support MegaJackCasinoLand in their international endeavors. At the time of writing this, we have already rolled out our German and French marketing services, both of which focus mostly on SEO and social media. We hope to add Spanish and Portuguese to our arsenal in the coming months, using a combination of full-time local employees and dedicated specialized freelancers in the given countries.