Slots & Cereal

Slots & Cereal was a start-up that we started working with a number of years ago. They wanted to focus on growing the business and take a hands-off approach to their daily operations, and marketing and sales channels. After taking over control of their marketing channels and improving their websites, not only were we able to increase their monthly turnover substantially, we were also able to reduce the time they had to spend on their website by around 40%. This helped free up their time to work on improving the features of the site, as well as discover new opportunities for growth.

The company

Slots & Cereal started off as a fun project started up by a group of college friends. It was meant to be a side hustle that would help support them through college and help reduce the financial stress in the first few years after college. However, when one of them started running social media ads, the company exploded. Within three weeks, they were getting tens of thousands of visitors daily and urgently needed support.

The unique name of the company combined with a clever and fun advert was enough to propel them to a very high revenue. However, there were major scalability issues form the get-go, with the servers the website was on getting overloaded, and issues with deposits and withdrawals. As long as it’s still a small side project, these things aren’t as much of an issue. Due to the influx of new users however, it could no longer be called a side project and they quickly had to think of a way of managing all this extra work.

Although all of them would be able to earn way more running the website than in a normal job, they agreed to try to find a company to automate most of the processes to keep the side-project vibe while focussing on growing the website. This is where we came in!


One of the first things we did was clean up the failing infrastructure they had in place. We got them the servers they needed, got them set up with a cybersecurity company to prevent lawsuits, and fixed some of the other smaller issues with their daily operation.

After completing that, we did an audit of the entire company and discovered that over 50% of their daily operations as well we 65% of their marketing efforts could be automated. With various pieces of software, a few partnerships with other companies and internal training, we implemented all the improvements and alleviated them of a lot of the work. They were finally free to focus on the parts of the business that were most important to them.


As well as automating a lot of their processes, we also took over their entire marketing and sales process. With various optimizations, we were able to not only make the processes a lot of efficient, we also managed to increase their revenue substantially. Our fees for the next one and a half years were more than covered by the savings we made with the automation and optimizing of their marketing channels.